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Building with commitment, creative thinking and attention to detail, we have completed over 100 custom homes and commercial projects on Ocracoke Island and the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

We pride ourselves on guiding the client through each step of the building process while encouraging their participation along the way.  From establishing a budget and working through the many design decisions to be made, to putting together a construction schedule and helping the client understand the different permit processes,  Ihle Construction is with you all the way.

Licensed for residential and commercial building since 1988.

We have 100% customer satisfaction, guaranteed!

 Choosing Larry Ihle as the builder for our dream vacation home in Ocracoke was the single best decision I made in the entire building process. I was fortunate to find Larry before I had even secured a lot on which to build.  Larry was literally with me from the beginning --  offering sound advice on everything from my lot choice to the house design -- all before I had even entered into a contract to use him as my builder.

 Larry is a rare find.  He is someone perfectly suited to what he does. I think of him as a pragmatic artisan. He clearly loves what he does and takes pride in his work but will only give his aesthetic opinion when asked and strives to build to the owner's vision, not his own.  That said, Larry also gently persuaded me to reconsider in those areas where he truly thought from his experience that I was making a mistake and for that I am grateful.  I learned through the building process that what you need most in a builder is someone who is trustworthy and with whom you can easily communicate.  You want someone who would never make false promises nor only tell you things that you want to hear.  Larry had no hidden expenses.  He met all his deadlines.  He remembered the smallest of details while never losing sight of the big picture. The house cost what we agreed it would cost and it was finished on time. 

 Building a house is a team effort and the people with whom Larry works were some of the kindest and most competent people I have ever encountered. Larry has mutually respectful relationships with his vendors and subcontractors.  He does not choose to work with people if he does not have full confidence in their work.

 This was the first home I ever built and I did it from long distance. Those facts made finding someone as trustworthy as Larry especially important.  Larry held my hand through the process when necessary but was never patronizing and always respectful. I can't imagine ever building a house without Larry.

 I should also add, that the house that Larry built for me is more beautiful than I ever could have imagined.

                                                                                              Raina Brubaker, Bethesda, MD 

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Ocean View Road, 2011